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I'm sick and tired of all the anti-lifers and weaklings who steal the attention away from those who deserve it. What's even more upsetting is how many cockroaches PRETEND to be like this purely for the attention. Start praising optimism instead of expecting it, and stop empowering those who's only goal is to be a downer. Sounds brutal. But as soon as the depressed persons subconsious realizes, that being sad doesnt get them attention anymore, Their ego will naturally make them want to do the thing that gets attention. BEING HAPPY. Praise happiness. Boycot self-loathing.

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  • I get your idea, but that's absolutely not how depression works. Yes, there is people who pretend to be some pitiable thing just to rake in attention. But there's also people with real problems, who truly need help and support. Of course this doesn't mean you should just give them everythig as if they are incapable of anything, that won't work either. But reprimanding them for not feeling fine is a horrible thing to do, and will only drive the average person further down the road of despair.

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