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I'm going to sound like a real dick but here it goes. I've been thinking about this and feeling it for a while. I'm married to a great woman, a great mother, and the whole nine yards. We've been together for about a decade. Sex has always been important. It's hot sex still. Although, with kids it has been challenging to find the time. And we like it raunchy, dirty, sweaty monkey sex...oral everywhere, penetration in all three holes...like I said, i great women. but lately, after kids and all, we're tired. Both not in gym-rat type physique, but she's a bit more unfit. Granted, she's taken the brunt of childbirth. it's not easy. but now i find myself online looking at gifs and tumblrs with porn in them. I see these fit super hot women getting railed. These bodies on The Chive with abs and waists that are spectacular and turn on. When we hit the gym prior to kids, or when we do have these bouts of fitness during the year, I hit it hard. Lower my portions, get cut and fit well and fast. Calisthenics, endurance training, nutrition. But all she wants to do is jog, do T25, and diet-wise she "cheats" a lot more than I do. I know my shit, I've read about nutrition, exercise, organic supplements. But she doesn't want to listen that much. plus she has a metabolic disorder similar to pre-diabetes which makes her more prone to gain weight when eating refined carbs like bread. Which makes me even more mad because she knows there's a condition and still cheats more often than not with food Younger she was thin, nice hips, gorgeous, i couldn't get enough of her. I would practically rape her every chance i got (she welcomed it). now, i want to bang a nice piece of ass i see on the street. Don't get me wrong. i realize it's a phase and there's a deeper relationship to uphold and cherish. Things are hectic right now, but once things settle down we can maybe get back into feeling and looking better for one another. But, i'm just going crazy every time i see a hot chick anywhere. I don't cheat. I just don't. Family comes first. But i must admit i do fantasize about it. everyday.

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  • Just tell her you miss how dedicated she used to be. Explain to her that you want her to be dedicated to her weight.

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