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I'm about to turn 18 and still a virgin. I'm proud of it. I've dated several guys, and always held onto my choice to remain a virgin until I get married. When my current boyfriend's friends saw my pictures they said there was no way I was a virgin 😂 a "pretty face" means nothing. I think sex is special and sacred and reserved for the one to whom you give your life. Once you get married is like you become one, and giving someone your virginity just seems like the most special gift ever. I'm proud to be a virgin and proud to wait 😊

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  • Proud to have waited for my wife and honored that she chose me to give her virginity as well.

  • Way to go girl! That's a very respectful thing for yourself. It actually made me feel a little sad. That's the way I always felt until i met my current girlfriend. We gave our virginities to each other and I think it's very special. Hope for the best for you and don't you give it up until you find the right man!

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