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saw you at singapore.. then i cried. then you liked my photo. hhhhmmm... i already had a bf. dont you realize? being my first love, and saw you succeed right now, having the same major as me even its on different university and different country... its painful enough. i would never know, and i dont want to ask how do you feel about me.. idk what to do, i just need to focus with my life. i want to let this feels go

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  • So let it go, if you guys broke up once then maybe there was some reason ? - do what you feel right but i would suggest you, that you move on. I know only one relationship who went positive after brake up, 2 years latter this pair of people again come together, but one of them already traveled to other side of the earth for year to work there. So think about what you want and what this guy, who is now sooo successful, did to mess things up. do you want all the drama or whatever happened between you too once again ?

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