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Why do I attract only jerks?

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  • I don't mean to stereotype, but I think I might be with this. I think people who sweet talk you within the first 5 minutes of talking to you, are jerks in hiding. I consider them to be putting on a facade to get in my pants. I've never fallen for somebody during my first conversation with them. I'll note things about them that I like and then I'll talk to them again. My key is to always be apathetic towards them. I don't care about you in any romantic sense when we first speak. Don't just dive in hitting on me. Talk to me. Ask questions. Get to know me because you have no idea who I am and not just because you think I'm cute. I'm awesome and you should be too, on you're own, and at no one else's expense. My thoughts towards everyone who's ever flirted with me before.

  • Need to play hard to get in non bad mannor

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