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My biggest fear is that i will ruin my brand new relationship with all my fears and anxiety. I don't want him to think i'm clingy or overly dramatic. He's the first one who cares for me, not for my boobs or the fact, that i'm available. He cares for my personality and wants me to feel comfortable. But I freak so easily when i'm alone, thinking he doesn't mean it , that he isn't honest with me. I know it's bullshit to think that, but that cruel voice in my brain won't stop

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  • At least you're better than the girl I'm trying to approach. All my love letters get torn in front of my face. Oh well. Shit happens. Keep it up. Just let him know that you love him. Who knows, your "yandere-ness" might actually save this ass one day.

  • if you were ready and/or really loved him you wouldn't feel that way, I know you probably won't believe me but I've been there and I know. when I felt that way it just fell apart, but today after working on myself for some years and now met the person I am meant to be with I'm not scared anymore, you will feel that way too when you find the right person. best of luck to you!

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