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I just watched a video on test tube about basic income. I think it could work in the USA but not without certain stipulations, such as, so many hours a week of community service anywhere in the USA. putting at least 12 percent of it into a banking account without being able to take the money out for at least 2 years. not committing any crimes lower than a misdemeanor 3. have a plan in place to show how you plan to use the B.I. to improve yourself after a year. you can only be eligible for benefits for up to 5 years before you have to be cut off for at least 2. it would be mandatory for people to take at least one college credit in the first 5 years but have the ability to transfer to other colleges that offer the same course, anywhere in the USA. having to do at least 10 but not more than 25 hours of community service in the area that you reside. just my opinion.

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  • The government should end all welfare, social security, government pensions, disability, and unemployment for a period of ten years. The problem will work itself out

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