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I really want to be black so I can say the N-word

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  • I am black female and I have white friends that use it in a 'silly' way. We are alI educated young women and live in South Africa. i call them nigga in a friendly funny way and they do too. My white friends also call each other nigga in everyday use. Like instead of saying hey my lovely friends we say hey my lovely niggas. Or when we get annoyed with some one we say 'that nigga is annoying' whether they are white, balck or orange. I think it is just a word, we shouldn't give it that much power. Unless it is used with racism as the feeling behind it to degrade some it is okay to say it. So big up my nigga!

  • I can say Nigger whenever i want and i am white. just don't give it a negative dosage of racism.

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