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I stay with my daughters father even though he hasn't worked in over a year, gets violent during fights, and verbally abuses me every day, I'm glad he left state, but I wish I could just tell him I don't want him around, I just don't want my daughter to grow up without a father. Half the time I wonder if I'm making the best decision for my daughter.

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  • A stable single parent home is better for a child than an unstable 'complete' home, statistically speaking.. Stress levels, grades

  • My mom did the Same for me and i can understand, why she did that.... But at the end i was sad, that she stayed with him, Because i think its my fault! I know its not, but i still reel guilty and at the end i sind's really grew up with a father. He was at home the Whole Time but yet i dont Even know his Second Name.

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