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I can't get any school work despite being a very intelligent person. I want to do something in drama, like acting or improv. And/or rap music, decent underground poetic good-sounding hip-hop. I think I have ADD or Bipolar disorder, 'cause I can't focus and do what I want by will, unless I'm extremely happy and suddenly full of energy. I'm 18 years old and just want to help myself become my best, then get a girlfriend I can love and cherish and share my life with. Then I want to get very rich and famous so that I can help the world and improve it in the best ways possible, and improve politics and thinking worldwide. People should respect each other.

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  • Go see a doctor if you really want to know about the add or bipolar. They can help you. I hope you succeed because the world needs more people like that!

  • ok, A) you are not ADD or bipolar, just because you can't or won't pay attention doesnt mean you do. B) do what makes you happy, but do it within reason, don't skip working because it isn't you're dream job, thats just how you fail at life.

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