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I think I'm going crazy, I cry for no reason, the other day I was laughing, I sat down and immediately started crying, I'm a man, I've tried praying for help and it makes me feel worse.

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  • ah... i kinda like that too. For me sometime it happen because there is something that triggers it or it just happen as if someone (something?) inside me told me to do that. I prayed too but that doesn't help at all... It even made me felt more depressed... lately, if I start crying or laughing or smiling like crazy or etc without any triggers I tried to make myself think about why I want to cry (or else), what am I feeling, etc... err I dunno if my comment help you any... but I hope you will feel better

  • was just like you man. stay up, work out, if not look around at what you have and others dont. hell you can afford to use this app while others are on the balls of their Ass trying to make ends meet.

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