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I am marring my first boyfriend. But I always think I need to get some more experience.

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  • Bachelorette party!

  • If he's your best friend and equal partner, who treats you well and you can imagine spending the rest of your life with, don't worry too much. While dating more will give you experience, the grand majority of that experience is how unsuited most other people are to you, and make you cherish someone who really does 'click' with you. If that is your bf already, count your blessings. You don't need to hit the bottom of the barrel before you know what you want. Something else aside, if you did date other people, you'd find that a while after dating them, you more or less forget what it was like. If you've had 2 or 10 other partners, in 5 years time they'll all seem like another lifetime apart, and really have no bearing on you.

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