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Last year, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me. I took the break-up so hard that I let my studies fail and almost got myself killed because of severe depression and anxiety. Even though I show and tell people that I have moved on, he will be still here in my heart because he is my first everything; from first love to first kiss up to first sexual intercourse. I admit that I am hard to be with because I face so many problems with my life that I mix it all up in my head that's why we fight sometimes, which became everyday. The biggest regret I have is I never had the chance to tell him why I was that moody in those past few months of our relationship. But I loved him with all my heart and soul that's why I did everything I can to make him happy.And I pray up to this day that we getting back together. Because I made a promise to him that he will be the first and last guy that I will love. I know some people will say that let him go and there are many men in this world, but I say that he's the one for me. The right one in the right place at the wrong time. :'(

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  • i pray the best for you. i am in a relationship, just like you , my bf for 3 years,also the first for everthing, first kiss, first love, and the one who owned my virginity.then i make mistake.i dont know why i did those thing. maybe i got bored.i chat stranger male and doing the sex video, there are no feeling involves, just want to try and fullfill my desire. at the same time we are apart.i feel guilty so i tell him. its broke him so much but he forgive me. the few months later he didi the same. there are other girl in our relationship. and already have sex with her. its broke my heart so much. because he having a real sex and even the girl love her. but we still love each other still, juz doing immature things in relationship and we learn to save it. but i feel very depressed as the girl still texting him and adore him . i dont wan to lose him and want him to always be the first and last guy of my life. learn from mistake and follow what your hearts say, be strong . u cant say the wrong time, everything happen for reason .

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