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I'm so confused, if anyone could help me figure this out I'd be really happy. I met this guy about 3 years ago and for the first two years we hardly talked but we were in clubs together and had classes together which forced us to speak to each other. About 2 months ago he starts being really flirt and kinda nice to me. At first I though he was just being a flirt cause I see him all over the school talking to different girls. For the first month or so I started having feeling for him but I felt like they were not returned so I moved on and dated this guy who I ended up breaking up with. He gradually became more flirty to the point were it was kinda weird. Then he asked me to spring formal( like prom at my school). I said yes and we started hang out more outside of school like the beach we went to on Sunday. The problem isn't that we started getting closer, it's that it started getting weird after I when over to his house to hang with him and his friends. Everyone got messed up including him and It was weird cause I had never seen him like that before. Plus there was this girl there that kept flirting with him. I saw him at school today and he walked by me without even saying hi?!?!? Then he came back hugged me and my friends together and left. I don't know what to do or think? Did I do something? Doesn't anyone know what's going on? Has he lost interest in me? Should I start backing away? *Sorry I talk so much🙈

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  • Yes you should ask him what's up

  • Ask him. Maybe it's just you over thinking things. If you ask him he'll tell you what he honesty thinks, or at least tell him to be.

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