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I can't do shit in school even though I am a rather intelligent and smart person. I blame myself for not being able to just "break out of it" but it's so difficult... I fear that I won't get to accomplish any of my dreams because I'm just a lazy, mood swinging, depressed, creative guy.

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  • Brother - piece of advice from one out-of-place creative type to another: this will never change. Unfortunately - the world has taken a shape where people like us are sidelined for the ones who follow instructions letter by letter and think that A's in school mean a successful life. And maybe they will be successful, if current notions of success are anything to go by. But you - YOU - can't let that get you down because it takes a special kind of person to persevere. It's not about using the same doors as everyone else, but rather being observant and then carefully choosing the right door for yourself. Don’t follow the big crowds, they’re all on their way to their own personal slaughter (physically, emotionally and spiritually) – find the little spaces where you fit in and make them your own. Nothing destroys creativity and peace of mind more than feeling out of place. Believe me, I know. All I can really wish is that you find the right outlet for your sense of creativity and surround yourself with the right people for you. Keep working on your craft. Grades may be important in short-term reality, but a truly refined sense of creative self defines your existence.

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