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I feel like procrastinating is counter intuitive. think about it. the only was for you to get rid of your work is by working, not by prosponing your work. same goes for hunger, the only way you get rid of the hunger is by eating.

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  • Clearly you don't understand procrastinators. Putting off is just a way of avoiding it. And there's a slim chance Tha it will go away. Most of the time, procrastinators just subconsciously wait till the last minute for everything because it doesn't seem important to them until it's urgent. Like if you have an essay due in a week, a procrastinator would say 'eh I have a whole week' and then 'I have 6 days' and so on until it's the day before, then the alarm bells start ringing and they think 'THAT'S DUE TOMORROW HOLY CRAP GOTTA DO IT' and then they buckle down and get it done.

  • nice analogy

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