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I think I have a problem with friends in general. Ever since I was little I've been left out and pushed to the side in every friend group I've been in. But when I finally got to secondary school, I thought things would change, and it did .... for a while. At first my friends were really nice and included me in everything, but now I'm left out in everything- they always have "secrets" to tell and I'm the only one who doesn't get to know. They all talk to each other and whenever I try talk someone just talks over me. In class, when were in groups I'm the one who has to do the work , because they're too busy drawing dicks on each others' hands. No one wants to sit by me if were on a school bus as well, and one of them always asks me to move seats so they could sit next to each other. Looking back on the previous 4 months , I've basically not existed. Why cant I be included in anything?!? What should I do?????

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  • Search for other friends. It's hard, I know. And maybe the right people aren't around now. But these people are not your friends, they don't care for you. You deserve better people. And you will find them. I was in the same situation until I went to university, where I met some of the greatest people to ever exist. Please don't give up. Believe in yourself.

  • Take what's yours, stop being so cowardly. Disregard other people's feelings and become a complete narcissist.

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