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This year is the first year in high school and my best friend from middle school doesn't really talk to me anymore we're not in the same class...and i just see her with her other "new" friends .. She waves ..sometimes says hello and talk for a bit but that's it really ... She even posts selfies with her new best friend and it's like i don't even exist any longer like WTF ... I want my friend back ..it's hard for me to make friends :( i have social anxiety .... Now i am just alone in high school and none of my other friends from last year are here except if her because it's a special kind of high school (anyway) i am screwed basically ~ And i am hurt . . . 💔

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  • That's really common. I only kept two friends all through middle and high school, and I met them in 5th grade. Unfortunately friends coming and going is just a fact of life. Making friends won't seem so hard after awhile. I have social anxiety too. You just have to have the courage to talk to the people you like.

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