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I KNOW THIS IS LONG,BUT IF YOU COULD PLEASE READ THIS AND GIVE SOME ADVICE IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD. Ever since my step sister moved in,I'm slowly starting to hate my life. My step dad doesn't discipline her so she never listens to him,my mom talks bad about her behind her back but can't tell it to her up front. I HATE her so much it's not even funny.It doesn't help that I have to share a room with her. I can never fall asleep because we have a bright ass night light in my room because she's scared of the dark... -_- And she's older than me! Family members say she may be scared because something may have happened to her in the dark (she came from a shitty home and all that) but still. She acts like an immature little bitch,she lies,she never does her homework, she's a fucking idiot,and she's lazy! She thinks we joke around when we tell her to clean up but we're dead serious.All she does is sit around in "her bed" and read God knows what on her phone. I'm just sick of what is happening to us as a family since she's been here (for almost a year now,unfortunately..). Not too long ago she made a false accusation that my brother touched her.We know for a fact that what she said wasn't true because my brother despises her as well. She used to have a crush on him and he rejected her because,y'know,they're step siblings,so this may be her way of "getting revenge" or whatever because she's done this before when she wasn't living with us.She lied to her school councilor about us not feeding her and we could've had CPS take us away. Then she started hollering about how she wanted to kill herself because she could "never get her way" and that BS and that put a lot of stress on my parents. We've all been walking on eggshells around her and have to be careful with what we say when she's around because she'll twist around the words and tell her side of the family (and they are not good people AT ALL). They've all started acting so fucking fake and it makes me wanna blow my brains out. I can't stand going along with all of this bullshit.It makes me wanna break down and cry. I wish we could just put her in a home or something because I'm just so motherfucking tired. I'm way too young to have all this stress on my shoulders. I'm sorry if this all seems jumbled up I just need to get this off my chest.

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  • Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I can't really give you any advice on the matter, but I'm hoping it takes a turn for the better soon. Stay strong!

  • I nearly punched the old lady next to me on the train lol just reading this infuriated me. I say flip her off and dont allow her in your room.

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