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I'm 13 and I already want to endy life. Ever since my step sister lived in,family life has been shit. They act so fake,I'm tired of going along with all of it,and I'm fucking done with all if it. I make fun of people who claim they wanna kill themselves and think they're all pussies and over dramatic crybabies and shit but I kinda get it now. I'm literally considering just not even caring what anyone thinks and just ending my life. I'm Christian,and I know if I do that I'll go to hell. I know I should be praying to God as well,but I feel like shit and I feel too unmotivated to do so.

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  • The teen years ALWAYS suck. One day you will move far away from these people and pursue your destiny. I wanted to die when I was 13. It was then I decided who I am and what to do with life. Through suffering, study, thought and prayer God forged me into who I am. I stood by my morals and God blessed me with a wife, kids, a home, a career and mercy. My old family did not love me. God blessed me with a new one. God loves you, I love you, and one day someone else will love you too. One day life will be worth living. One day you will stop taking those dangerous risks because you fear death. That is how you know you are finally free. Great secular book about suicide by a Dr. whose dad killed himself. Why People Die From Suicide by Thomas Joiner. Totes worth a read.

  • well dont go killing yourself. you haven't even gotten to the good part of life yet... it gets soooo much better. at your age things unravel and you find that you want to explore new things and do what you want. 13 is a poopy age. your parents love you. they might seem goofy or stupid but they only are cuz they love you cuz you are their valuable child. it's OK not to agree with your parents on some things. or anything for that matter. it doesn't mean you guys don't love each other. there is hope

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