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I know you still love me. So I don't know why you keep fighting against your feelings. It's pointless. What do you think? That you could take someone you love from your heart and call it a day? Well it doesn't work that way. It's either you own up to it, or you end up regretting it later on. No. I don't need someone better. You're just prefect for me, I promise. Because even if I find someone older and smarter and cuter, what if that person does not love me the same way you do? Would you regret it then? Would you say ''She found someone better. But not someone that could love her better''? There's no one better that will love me the way you want me to be loved but you. So what's the point of leaving now if you'll be missing me later?

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  • Are you for real dawg?? You just want him to eat your pussy man I understand. Cuz he's guudd huh?

  • has he written about you?

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