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I fear my boyfriend might be abusing. We've been in a relationship for only a few months now (but have known each other for over a year) and I love him deeply. But he always is very rough with me and really hurts me when we play and joke around (like tickling each other or stupid stuff like that). When I ask him to stop grabbing me so hard because it hurts (he's strong), he laughs and says it's only fooling around. Other times, when we fight, he gets so angry I have the feeling he wants to slap me - he even once admitted that he had the urge to do so during a particularly bad fight. Additionally, one time I asked him what he'd do if I cheated on him or hurt him otherwise; he said he'd beat me. Although he never seriously wounded me and I'm not going to cheat on him, I am afraid that he will one day start to beat/abuse me, maybe when we are married, especially because he knows the longer we are together, the less likely will it be that I am able to leave him, because I love him so much.

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  • He needs to slap the stupid out of you..

  • leave him ASAP and cut all contacts

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