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OMG guys I need help I'm desperate. so I was dating a guy and he asked me to be his gf in Valentine's and I said yes. well we met some of his friends at club before the club he was scream at me and at be club he screamed at me in front of his guy friend. with his friend was really friendly and friendly . well at 2 am my so called bf kick me out because I ate in his car and he didn't like my dress. well the next morning I found his guy friend on FB and told him about and he said it was bad how he was talking to me and he told me they are not friends his only his neighbor. and so I stop talking to my so called bf . well his guy friend and I talked sometimes. buttt he will talk to me a little and then I won't know anything about him. and we went out for coffee and the he invited me to a bar and he was very respectful and he seems so happy when he talks to me . I meant like very Happy he pays so much attention to me well when we were at the bar he will poke my leg playing open the door for me and took me to my door very nice oooo and he played my favorite singer and the sing he played said something like our story how my ex was mean and that him and I met to drink coffee and the past was the pat and that I begin again so he played the song and other songs of my favor signer . well I texted him after he left to ask if he made home safe and he said yes and I hope you had fun because it was amazing you made my night. and he actually he makes so many plans with me and he even is going to make a party so I can meet his friend but ever since the bar it's been 2 days and he won't text me or call me . and he liked a picture of my on FB but he has not talked to me and it's weir because the night ended great. and I'm confused . I know his buying a house and he doesn't know I know but he won't tell me a lot his very mysterious like his pretending to be less than what he really is smart helppp people I like him so much.

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  • just ask him ,why is hiding sonething and being a mysterious batman?

  • how old are you?

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