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I wasn't in love with my previous boyfriends except one of them, but that one left me. I know that this is my fault. I want to do better, and I never again going to be with someone whom I don't love. But I am afraid that I will never find that someone who could love me as I am, or worse, he will leave me after a year or two.

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  • If you keep looking for the person that you love, in someone else, you'll never find someone that will love you. Just be yourself. Sometimes certain people are not going to end up happily ever after. This ain't a fairytale. Enjoy love till you can. Don't be afraid and don't depend on someone that loves you so much. Maybe then, you wouldn't be so scare of them leaving.

  • You are viewing dating wrong. A date is an interview. You get to know each other, become friends. He will court you until you decide you love him and become a couple. If it never progresses that far, don't force it. You don't HAVE to put your ass on the line (literally or figuratively)

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