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I'm head over heals for my bestfriends girlfriend. Fuckkkkkkkkkk

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  • Oh ya poor sod

  • Well ... sh*t. There are tons of ways that this could go wrong. But there's not really anything you can do about it. The only thing that comes to my mind is something that can potentially get your head ripped off, so you don't have to take this advice, but it's at least a way that could keep your friendship intact (believe me, you don't want to lose a real friend over a girl.). I think you should tell your best friend. But tell him that his friendship is more important to you, and maybe ask him if he just can NEVER leave the two of you alone with each other because brains on hormones do idiotic, messed up things. Try to keep distance between the girl and you. Minimize contact, even though it's hard. Don't message her. Don't talk to her if it's not absolutely necessary. If you need a while to get your sh*t together sometimes, tell your best friend and avoid both of them for a while. To me, as someone who is seeing this from the outside, this seems to be one of the options least likely to end up in a horrible fight. I have not been in this situation myself, but I have witnessed it several times, and no one ever told the other, made a move on the girl/guy and the friendship was completely destroyed, the crush faded and no one is talking to each other, years later. So this approach is basically the opposite of what they did, and I only gave it in the hope that it would work somehow. Either way, I wish you all the best. Try to keep your head up, and remember that friendship is more important than any romantic relationship could ever be.

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