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Today I skipped an important field trip of college that could have opened me up new opportunities. But the thing is, what if I am no longer interested in the opportunity it is offering because that's not what I want for myself? Right now I feel like I messed up and that it was a wrong decision because one of my friends texted me saying how far I was from the place so I told them I had a family emergency and I was unable to go. And it's weird because even when I feel like it was wrong from me to go, I do not regret it at all. I feel forced to feel bad because my friends texted me. But I know that a year from now it won't matter. Literally, I don't even see the point in stressing such things because as soon as I graduate I'm planning on leaving my town. So a few years from now, I'll be far away going for new opportunities and this really moment won't even matter. A.P

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