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There's a piece in every relationship that affects our behavior with a person, I recently noticed. When you meet somebody, that piece isn't there at first - it has to be built. Now I'm not sure what it all takes to make it up, but I know that respect is a main ingredient. After time goes by, and you begin to get comfortable, you start seeing more sides of this person. Sometimes, when you do, the piece breaks up a little bit. There are crumbs that fall from its edges, and it shrinks. Sometimes, a huge piece can break off and fly away just like that, and it will never come back. As soon as I met her, this piece was practically whole. As time passed, it grew even larger. It upsets me, sometimes, that I'm with someone else, who's piece has truly suffered. Large chunks torn off, leaving it, now, so small. I don't expect a lot of people to read this, I just had to get it off my chest. My brain works funny - sorry.

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  • damn girl (or boy - you write like an intelligent girl so sorry if you are a boy T.T), you don't have to apologise for speaking your beautiful thoughts : )

  • i like what you wrote. i like the way your brain works. i hope my brain works like you because i always think like this but i can't never put all of this into words. I'm not good with words.

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