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I'm unsure as to what I'm supposed to do anymore and could use some advice. After I got over my last (abusive) relationship a friend of mine started actively flirting with me. I flirted back. He always blushed like a tomato. We touched and hugged on every occasion. We held hands and he interlocked fingers with me a lot. He pulled me onto his lap. He cuddled with me. He constantly put his hand on my legs, especially upper thigh (maybe a bit too close to my privates). He would occasionally stare at me in class and on monday he started sitting shoulder to shoulder with me when I pretended to be mad at him because he was teasing me. I looked over at him and he just had that look on his face like I was the most adorable thing in this universe. He stared into my eyes, looked at my lips, then took my hand and put them both onto my leg and looked away like he always does when he's nervous. So I thought: Awesome, he probably even wants to kiss me, I should REALLY ask him out. I never really got the chance, this is where it gets complicated. A day later his attitude completely changed. Something similar happened before: He had a shitty week and basically ignored me for 4 days straight - I could forgive that. But now he is in a good mood, he even talks to me sometimes - still teasing me a bit. However, he is actively keeping away from our friend group. He even sits away from who I thought was his female best friend and decides to sit with his new friends (a bunch of immature, younger girls). He was a complete douchebag to me when he had a bad day - but treated his new friends normally. He also seems unwilling to touch me anymore. It seems so off to me that he would do this for months - even offering to stop smoking because I said I hated it and then suddenly starting to do this. His best female friend is sad too, he's basically been ignoring her for days now. She waits for him so they can walk home together and he just walks past her with his new friend group. I sometimes still catch him looking at me... but that might just be accidental awkward eye contact because I can't get him off my mind. I don't know what to do anymore because I miss the non-douchebaggy, inexperienced, sweet guy that he truly is. (And I might have fallen pretty hard for him...) He's not impolite to us... But something is so awfully off about this whole ordeal and I'm starting to think that it's all my fault... What should I do? Just not give a shit? Because it's pretty hard to do so when there's an intense pull in my chest whenever he walks away from us - which is starting to happen constantly. (sorry for the awfully long post about teenage drama... 😅 english ain't my first language btw...)

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  • a guy hanging out with just females? normally that means his gay, but who knows i maybe wrong lol

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