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I feel trapped by the responsibility of taking care of my family. none of them wants to work but they all gamble whenever they have money. which leaves me with the responsibility of giving half my pay to my mother for rent and food. she and my siblings take half of that money to go gamble it away and buy some food, but not as much has it could be if they just found jobs and worked too. I used to give them half of what I had left until I finally realized that the outcome is always the same so now I just get drunk with the half of the half I would give them instead became it helps me to fall asleep and not hear them asking me for money anymore. I can't save anything in this household but when I try to leave I just end up drinking even more because i'm not used to having so much money left over. I feel trapped.

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  • Even if you feel bad you're not helping out by enabling their addiction. Now you got to find professional help for yourself . When you're healed now you can move on with others but the most important now is you . Good luck

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