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I told someone that I am not interested because I am hurt that I got out of a relationship 2 weeks ago and that I need time to heal because I don't want to go around hurting other people because I'm still hurt. First time being honest about how I really feel, and I feel that this is a new beginning to a new recovery. I'm done destroying myself with that poisoning relationship I was in. And I am ready to be alone, and learn how to stop destroying my heart. And I'm glad to say I am going to do this alone and feel better by myself because I don't want anyone else getting involved in making me feel better. Specially not another guy. There are some things that I have to do by myself and that's one of them.

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  • I wish you the best of luck and I'm absolute sure you will succeed. Rushing into a new relationship is really bad, I've experienced that with friends who did it. You're doing the right thing. I am a guy and you said you don't want anyone to support you but let me at least hug you. You will succeed.

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