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I went bald in my early twenties. I feel like a mutant. I used to be so handsome. I was mistaken for a model. Now people think my wife (who is three years younger than me) is my daughter. I have good bone structure, good face, good body, but I still have Lex Luthor hair. Now I know why Smashing Pumpkins music is so sad. Guy has millions of dollars and hordes of fans, but Billy Corgan still looks in the mirror every morning and is reminded how ugly he is.

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  • You are not talking to the right women! Most women I know think a bald head is sexy. Billy Corgan looks in the mirror every morning with a shit eating grin, and laughs all the way to the bank!

  • I know how you feel. Im a woman who had long beautiful hair and started balding in my 20s. It really sucks especially when you see people with full heads of complaining about it.

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