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I live in the South. I do NOT have the accent. I have a high pitched voice. I don't dress in deer hunting camo year round. So everyone including my mother assumed I was gay. I also turned down several girls who wanted to "fuck me straight" because I am actually one of those Christians that waits till marraige. That made them even more sure I was gay. Everyone was shocked when I moved away from the farm and married an educated and beautiful girl from a large metropolitan city where I fit in GREAT. Please don't assume. Also I did the research on this. MOST men raised by single mothers have high pitched voices because that is who taught us to talk. Best public example right now? Ben Carson. Not all gays are stereotypes from TV and neither are all straight southern Christians.

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  • Not to ignore everything you said and hopefully this doesn't sound rude but technically isn't it that you wouldn't think you'd have an accent cause of the area you are from and everyone sounds like that? like if you came up to iowa where I'm from I may think you have an accent whereas you think I might

  • Thanks for sharing love

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