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I don't get it why gays are so obsessed with their sexuality- not all of them , but a good majority. I don't go around being like " hey , I'm straight "

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  • Believe it or not hetros can tell too. And most don't really care either way. Recently a college student went on and on about this to me (?) and finally I told her that she join the USN because when I was in about 1/2 the service members were gay or bi. Turns out she wasn't looking for a job or to be with other gays, just wanted attention. Like the rest of them who are itching to announce it like they're the first to discover fire. Ho-hum.

  • I tell people that I'm bi to quickly find out if they're homophobic or not, it helps to get shitty people out of my life sooner rather than later when I have invested my time into them

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