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this guy just bought a house and states his very lonely . he hide that he was getting a house from me but I already knew which I don't really care if he had one or not. now his friend use to talk to me but he stopped talking to his friend and because my friend because his friend treated me bad in front of him. well now . ever since we started talking he keeps in contact he asked me out 4 times. the very next day of him being in his new house he invited me to watch a movie and his very exited that is close to my house. and his planning a party for next week and he asked if I would go he states it's only a couple of friends . so I guess if he's inviting me to his party is because he wants to be my friend. this is what o wonder his trying to find a wife. right but I wonder if his talking to me in the meantime or to sleep with me I have 3 kids I leave alone and work. I really don't need a man. but I really like him he doesn't know how much. and he seems very happy when his with me he laughs so much. he even played my favor song in his car. what do you guys think ?

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  • he likes you and from the sounds of it you are better off with him than your current partner

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