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P.s about the confession telling someone the truth, I am with a different person now who I would like to call "the one" we are in a 5 year relationship now, as I've told you, my ex and I fought everyday, because I can't accept the fact that he lied and cheated and didn't accept the break up, I became paranoid, I wished that I cut him off immediately on my life that day I said I don't love him anymore. Luckily my current bf is very patient and understanding, although at one point he made it clear that he is a different person, so I should stopped comparing him to my ex or worrying he might do the same. In 5 years, the first two was hell for us, adjusting, fighting etc. well I'd say we had a good foundation, we didn't pretend to be a nice person on the first year of our relationship, normally people would be nice to their partners at first, and the attitude will show later, but ours are reversed.

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  • Glad things are working out for you! (´ﻌ`)

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