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I love my best friend, don't get me wrong but she makes some of the dumbest decisions i have ever seen. She's such a nice person and we've been friends for 5 years but she always gets wrapped up with the wrong people. Her boyfriend is such a loser. She goes to college 3 days a week and works 5 and sometimes 6 days while he sits at his uncles house smoking weed and drinking all day. He's a fucking bum and waste of space. She's completely out of his league. He's ugly, he doesn't have money and he's not a good person so I'm not sure what the attraction is. I absolutely hate seeing good people get dragged down by losers. He mooches money off her every day. He's a 9th grade drop out with no job, no car, no income. The only thing he has is a tracfone and monthly bus pass. I wish she would open her eyes and see him for the piece of shit this guy is

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  • He must lay the D on thick...my man! Lol

  • man I feel you. you should try and make her realize this dude is shit and ask her if she'd want to spend her life with that dumbfuck of a guy.

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