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It's the first time I'm confessing something here, although I've read countless confessions before. I believe that I'm in an abusive relationship. My girlfriend's feelings change from "very happy" to "aggressive" in minutes. It usually happens every 3-4 weeks. She gets mad about me doing some tiny little thing. Then, she starts a discussion that almost goes up to the point where the relationship breaks apart. This time, we've had a discussion about open and closed relationships again. While I'm happy with one person, she tells me that she feels as if I was limiting her freedom. Note that the idea of a closed relationship was hers. She tells me that she wants to be able to flirt with random people. The weird thing about this that she's never done that before in her entire life; I was even the first person she's had sex with. Again, after discussing for ~2 hours, she suddenly switches to a different "mode" (as if she was suddenly a different person), saying that she's missing me. I know she's not the person I was searching for. I'd still need support until my studying period ends (September). I believe the best thing I can do is to accept her the way she is, knowing that it will eventually break apart. If she indeed betrays me, I'll leave her right away.

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  • is it possible that she has multiple personality ? you can bring her to psychiatric

  • this is sad i didn't even read through the end, its the new tactic she will make you feel miserable and shitty about yourself so you lose all the manhood of you and guess what that chick will go sideways with other people and since you have taken back her 100 times, break up make up over and over again will make you week as a man. Shes probably liar, because i can tell you my girl made the same moves like they read only same shit on internet. She already has done it, start searching or you will stuck with liar who cheats on you :)

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