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I wish someone who isn't supposed to love me would speak as well of me as my mother. "Beautiful, with a perfect body and the face of a doll". It's so hard to believe that there's nothing wrong with me when the only guy that ever claimed to love me too cheated on me after 11 months. No guys ever chat me up. Unless you count those asshats that honk and catcall poor girls that happen to walk past crowded streets. It's a bit depressing to feel this way.

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  • Hey I'm willing to bet you're danm near perfect.

  • I want to tell you something: It might sound a bit radical and weird, but it's true. I'm a master student in Mathematics at a famous university and I'm really thankful for being here. I'm close to finishing my master's degree. Additionally, I do sports daily. Really, everyday. I go running around 5-6 miles daily (!) and although I don't have abs, I'm very thin and I think that I'm a quite attractive guy. Still, while I see that some girls look at me, not a single girl has ever showed interest in me personally (i.e. approached me, asked me out for a date etc). I've had two relationships so far and both were initiated by me. Don't think that its due to your outside. It might simply be our society. <3 Hugs

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