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All my life I have had people comment on my eyes. They're pretty big and blue with a little bit of yellow specks everywhere. I've had people tell me that my eyes are beautiful and I've had people tell me my eyes are creepy. Some people have even said that I make them uncomfortable when I make eye contact. And one girl even said that she feels like I can see her soul with my eyes (wtf, right?) it's really hard for me to make eye contact with people now because I always feel like I'm freaking them out. And I also zone out A LOT. I can't help it, I just space out without even realizing it. And when I do, people always ask me if I'm okay or if there's something wrong with me. I wish people could just leave me alone about it. (I'm kinda scared to post this because if you know me it's gonna be so obvious that this confession is mine.)

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  • same :/

  • sorta wanna see your eyes now hahaha

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