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Im a boy 14 years old I feel terrible and confused I had sex for the first time in my life with my dad coworker , he is 28 . I went to visit my dad after school and he went out for lunch so i start talking with M since he is the youngest and coolest we had a friendship then he just told me to come out with him so i did and we went to his house we play for a while and he kissed me i could stop him but i didnt i never liked boys and im not sure if i like them then we just.. Did it... I didnt said a word and i just leave i dont know what to do or what to feel.

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  • oh if it isn't the blurrrs. lol, as for you feel free to feel how you want. while yoy didn't say no you also didn't say yes and in most countries 14 is not a legal age so if you wanted to get the man arrested just tell the athorities. if not, you could not have sex with him again if you dont want to or tey experimenting (with boys and girls your age) to see if you actually like men or not. Sort through your feelings before doing something rash

  • Since I think I know it all...I'll just tell you this, it's obvious you asked to get fucked in the ass and you're just as much a loser like me. Oh and I'm the real blurrr, smelly pussy know it all me!

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