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After suggesting to my sister to get help, I'm taking her to the doctors today for depression and suicidal thoughts. I'm so proud of her for deciding it's time for help. She's been so sad and hasnt been herself the past year or two. I'm ready to help her find what needs to be done and help her get happy again. I know from personal experience that it's a long road to recovery and I'm prepared to help her the entire way.

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  • you have done remarkable thing, this road isn't easy, She needs to be strong, and you need to be stronger. Love you both 😘

  • Don't let her for get that people care. And even though what ever is going on must be hard, their must be rain to get a rainbow, there must be a rock that survived heat, cold, and extreme pressure to creat a diamond, And a painting starts with a boring canvas that you have to add to to creat something valuable.

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