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My psychologist wants me to socialize with people. I know this is a typical teenager phase problem, but I hate everyone and I'd rather just stay in my room. He says that I should get out there and make friends, because there HAS to be somebody I might feel a connection with but I'm not interested at all. I do have like, three friends at school but I hate them. My only true friend is a girl who I've known for 7 years and she's the only person I would leave the house for.

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  • i am nearly the same ...but since you have at least one friend who is close to you ,and you mentioned that you would leave the house for her , why don't you stick to her , hang out together in interesting places , and while you are with her in public places such as clubs for example , try talking to someone while she is beside you , it will give you more confidence and joy knowing that your friend is beside you ! maybe it is a solution , try it !

  • My psychologist also told me the same , and no one never understand that we don't want to meet new people , people suck !!

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