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is it wrong for a guy with a bubbly bubble bootie to wear thongs, string bikinis and those sexy cheeky panties? I can't help it, and I think its because I was born with a girls sweet bubbly bubble bootie 😗👈😎 and guess what? it was my wife's idea 💡 to wear her thong panties, she was the one that practically forced me to wear her sexy panties because of my bubbly bubble bootie, then she wasn't satisfied with just me her husband of 3 years wearing her thong panties around the house, she took it up to a whole new level, one day she comes home with a package, and in the package was a strap on dildo that measured 11 and a half inches long, and the other one was one of those two headed dildos that measured 20 inches long, she un-virgined my manhood the very night she strapped on dat 11 inches of dildo up my tight virgin asshole 😢😭😍

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  • 'bubbly bubble' is a bit redundant

  • say bubbly bubble bootie just one more time and I have news for your wife

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