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So I dreamt that my friend dies, I was crying in my dream so much that I woke up with tears on my face. After like 10 mins I went back to sleep to 'find' that he was alive and his death. was a hoax. At some point we were in my room laughing about things and listening to music. Suddenly he pulled me over and started to tickle me. I struggled to get away but he was too strong. He pulled his hood over my head and proceeded to tickle me. I proceeded to struggle. Suddenly everything stopped. He stopped tickling amd I stopped struggling. He planted a kiss on the side of my mouth. I pulled off the hood and looked at him, my eyes demanding an explanation. (You know in dreams where you switch from being the person or just watching like it's a film?) Yeah so I watched him look nervous and jittery as he said "I'm sorry, I.... I tried to kiss your nose.... I didn't mean to.... I mean I wouldn't mind if we.... but..... I didn't mean to....." He looked so cute when he ws nervous. I said "ssshhhhh it's ok" but he carried on talking. I repeated myself at least 4 times until finally I kissed him. A straight out full blown kiss on the lips for 30 seconds. When I pulled away he looked very confused and I smiled and shook my head and ran away. THEN........ I wOkE uP.....l I wanted to know his reaction. Tbh I'm not sure which guy friend it was out of Zack or Rafael....They both look slightly similar and I have a small crush in both if them. mainly Rafael. How do these dreams happen though....? What does it mean? Anyone? ~ Written by a 16 year old (Me)

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  • thanks :)

  • Well it could mean you want something more than friendship. Or it could just be your subconscious saying you long for a romantic closeness to someone, and your mind stuck your friend there. Or it could just mean you care about him a lot.

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