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guys ,what should i do? my little sister attendance is very low. she keeps on skipping school and make excuses. my whole family has been giving her advices and all. i ask her if she is being bullied or doesnt have any friends but she said no. i literally tried everything to talk some senses into her but nothing works. i even yelled and threaten to burn her clothes & stuff just so she could atleast move her ass and make effort for her education. what else should i do or say to her so that she will go to school?? 😥

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  • Well she is asleep put her in the car and drive her to schoolvif that doesnt wprk force her start taking away the tv phones toys whataever blankets allowence

  • My sister lied about being sick all the time in 2nd grade to skip. She got a truancy letter and we started making her go. She didn't admit she faked it until the next year. She just didn't want to go. Bullying was never a huge problem for her but she felt really self conscious about herself. As for your sister, there could be some underlying issue. No one just... doesn't want to go.

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