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I wan tto apologise ot my dorm mate. Thing is hes a really popular nice alpha male good looking guy and im this loser idiot with social anxiety. He was FROCEd to talk to me when we accidnetally bumped into each other in the checkout line at the grocery store and then make the painful walk home where he tried hsi best at smal talk and i wa sso overblown by hsi coolness i blabberd like a moron. He is always nice enough to say hi to me but i just wish i didnt infect his life like some parasite. He comes form a differnet world...One where he belongs...and i dont. Im sorry. I hope you can erase the memory of meeting me and having to tolerate my prescence. Dont worry, one day we will leave the dorms and you will never have to deal wiht me again. I hate this. I hate who i am. I wish i was idfferent but im not. I was born to lose.

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  • Yeah don't be so hard on yourself (and turn on autocorrect or learn to type properly) or

  • born to lose? maybe if you hang out with this bloke you'll build some self confidence

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