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A few years ago my girlfriend and I were on a holiday on the Greek island of Kos. We stayed in a small hotel in a quiet area outside of town. It was just after midnight, and my girl was already fast asleep from the busy day we'd had. I was pretty horny however, so I wanted to masturbate. I decided to do it on the balcony, to not wake her up. It was dark outsied, and there was nobody to see me anyway. When I wanted to start masturbating I noticed a pair of bikini bottoms hanging out to dry on the railing of the balcony next to ours. They had to belong to the girl staying in the room next to us, who was pretty hot. I reached over and grabbed the panties, sniffed em, and then wrapped em around my dick. I masturbated with them, and when I came I smeared my cum all over then, then put them back where I found them.

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  • You could have at least washed them off first you bastard

  • That's pretty gross and I feel bad for both girls. You suck.

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