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Crap. I just need to confess smthg that I hve been keeping for a long time. okay.. nw here it goes. my mom n all my aunts keep on asking me when will I have a bf n blah blah blah u need to get married sooner or later n all that shit kind of talk. believe me, I do want to have a bf. the problem is I'm asian, but I am not attracted to asian guys. I am attracted to those non asians. probably some of u might think this is not a problem at all but in my place, my kind of community,...... (including my families hahaha!) they don't really prefer me to go on with my kind of choice. I am not saying asian guys are not good or whatsoever but this interest I have to non Asian guys started since I was like 9 years old. There was this group of volunteers from canada, us , uk n (I forgot the other one but I knw he is from the western part) in my primary school.I noticed they hve this kind of charm that really makes me feel like "okay, later when I grow up, I want a western guy as my husband" like...u knw what i'm saying? I probably sound ridiculous rght nw but whatevr it is I still have that interest until nw n it nvr change. I am 20 years old nw n I still keep this from my family members. I am pretty sure they will not feel good abt my choice. damn it. it feels good to confess here though. *sorry fr my bad eng btw

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  • it's ok. I feel the same way about Asian guys even though I'm not Asian and a lot of people don't get it and have stupid stuff to say, but you just have to remember to be true to yourself and if you like western guys, it's ok.

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