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dear fake blurrr, i see alot of your posts (which i flag) and really if you are soo on my case you must feel concern about what i said right? so, are you hairy? do you have a loose pussie? saggy tits? stretch marks? cant think by yourself? cant find a partner? are a latina whore? are fat? what is it? because thats all the topic i hate on. so if you feel concern about this, i feel bad for you girl. all those categories are gross and you just prouve to all confesster that youre one of them.. how sad and pathetic.. xoxo -blurrr 💋

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  • i wasnt talking to you guys. i was talking to the fake blurrr

  • god. take your tiny ego elsewhere alright? no one cares and no one will ever care about your irrelevant and immature bullshit.

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