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Nobody knows how hard it was for me to lose you. Nobody knows that I cry, not because I'm weak but because I actually can't contain my pain. I think that if I didn't cry my pain, my heart would explode inside me. You don't know how many times I was scared to lose you, and how many times I hugged you so tight because I knew that the end of this was gonna come sooner or later. When we are in a relationship we usually think about all the good and we never prepare ourselves to lose the person we love. And I thought I was prepare for it. I thought that I could make it through. That I'd survive. But truth is that I'm dying. That I can't go another day without hearing your voice, without hugging you, without telling you that I love you and miss you. Why did you have to leave like that? Why? I never got the chance to tell you that I love you so much more than what you thought I did. I love you like I never loved any other person. And I still think about you everyday. As if you were right next to me. I can't believe you're no longer here :(

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  • Namaste is one of my favorite words. It means: I honor the place within you in which the entire universe dwells. That part of a person never dies. No one is gone completely.

  • Send her / him exactly this message! Please do.

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